NABT 2018 November 8 – 11

Come see Impact SciEd at the NABT Conference in San Diego!

Presentations will be on work done through the PAGES project and the UIUC Cook County Extension STEM Educators collaboration. PAGES sessions will focus on two High School NGSS storylines and one storyline addressing middle school NGSS PEs. We will be showing the new Phenomena Finder, developed through the Cook County Extension collaboration.

Climate Change and the Coughing Dog: Exploring Global Changes and Local Impacts Through a Phenomena-Based Case Study

  • Friday 10:30 – 11:45
  • Executive Conference 2A
  • Ecology / Environmental Science / Sustainability
  • Hands-on Workshop (75 min); MS, HS

The Phenomena Finder: An Interdisciplinary Tool for Use in Designing NGSS-Aligned Curriculum Materials

  • Friday 2-3:15 Executive Conference 4
  • Curriculum Development
  • Hands-on Workshop (75 min); ES, MS, HS

Using the Complexity of the Lyme Ecosystem to Engage Students in the Practice of Developing and Using Models to Make Predictions About the Prevalence of Infectious Disease

  • Saturday 11:15-12:30
  • Marina 4
  • Ecology / Environmental Science / Sustainability
  • Hands-on Workshop (75 min); HS, 2Y

Going Beyond ‘Just-So’ Stories: Data Analysis of Elaborate Male Traits

  • Saturday 2-3:15
  • Executive Conference 2A
  • Evolution
  • Hands-on Workshop (75 min); MS, HS, 2Y, 4Y